Mr. Wille Eerola, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan in Finland left his position as the Secretary of Consular Corps in Finland at the Annual General Meeting held in Helsinki, Finland on 17 April, 2023. He joined the position in January 2018 and successfully adopted new communication forms and activities into the daily operations of Consular Corps, established back in 1925.

“It was a great ride for over five years and I am especially happy about the big fundamental change we did in 2019 when the official registration process as Association was finalized with a full support of our members. Consular Corps operated for over 90 years as an open entity but the official status of registered Association brought plenty of planning and future views into it”, Mr. Wille Eerola said at the meeting. “My work as Hon. Consul General of Pakistan continues and requires plenty of time, and Consular Corps in Finland is nowadays a very active organization with absolutely wonderful members and it deserves fresh ideas and views now when there are big events of celebration coming soon. And it will be a great pleasure to join the activities now as a Member in the future, especially the 100 Years Birthday Celebrations in 2025!”.

Mr. Johan Grotenfelt, Chairman of Consular Corps in Finland, Hon. Consul of Nicaragua thanked HCG Wille Eerola for his active input and role with the Association.