Public Service Message for Pakistani Community in Finland:

H.E. Mr. Zahoor Ahmed, Ambassador of Pakistan to Sweden and Finland along with Mr. M. Sair Khan, Consular Attaché will visit:

Turku, Finland on 6th November, 2022 and

Helsinki on 8th November.

See contact details and timing for both cities below.

The Consular Team will also provide the following services:-

  1. Registration of new born baby (For detail please visit our website:
  2. Attestation of Power of Attorney/Authority Letter/Policy Character Certificate. Keep in mind that any documents issued by the Pakistani authority must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. Similarly, any document issued by the Finnish authority must be attested by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For detail of attestation visit the following link:

For power of attorney and authority letter, the Executant/deponent (the person who is giving the power of attorney) must be present in person along with one of the following Pakistani original document:
a. CNIC or
b. NICOP or
c. POC or
d. Machine Readable Passport (MRP)
Witnesses are not required to come in person.

In case a person does not have any of the above Pakistani documents, then he/she should get the documents attested from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then bring either in person or give it to someone else to bring.

The fee for the above services is SEK 110 Plus bank charges SEK 60 = 170 SEK per document. In case someone has a Finnish document, its fee is SEK 200 plus SEK 60 bank charges = 260 SEK per document. If someone has more than one documents, then just multiple by documents and plus SeK 60 bank charges. For example, if a person has 3 documents issued by Finnish authority, the fee will be SEK 200×3= 600 plus SeK 60/- Total SEK 660/- and you can make one payment for all the documents.

Keep in mind the fee must be paid online to the Embassy of Pakistan SEB Bank Account, the detail of the bank account can be seen at the following link at Serial No. 5.

After payment of online fee, please do not forget to bring the fee payment receipt with you.

Consular Services during the visit will be provided through walk in and there is no need to get an appointment.

For further detail please contact the following email:
or you can call phone number: +46-764343315 between 1400 to 1600 hours from Monday to Thursday to talk to the Consular Attaché

For Visa Service and MRP can applied online:
For visa visit
For guidance of online visa how to apply visit:

For Passport visit: