Delegation of Finnish Global Education Solution (FGES) of Mr. Antti Kaskinen, CEO, Mr. Risto Vahanen, Chairman and Ms. Helena Makinen, Education Specialist, was lead to Karachi by Mr. Wille Eerola, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan in Finland. This was another further step taken between Iqra University and FGES to launch Finnish schools already in the fall of 2022.

Ms. Helena Makinen (FGES), Ms. Sidra Qamar (IUSS), Mr. Antti Kaskinen (FGES) and Mr. Risto Vahanen (FGES) joined the stage of IUSS in Karachi.

“I am so happy that I have been able to connect the rights dost for this project and keen to see the opening of the Finnish schools under Iqra University School System (IUSS) next fall”, Mr. Wille Eerola stated.

IUSS celebrated its 5th Anniversary in Karachi during the visit:

Mr. Risto Vahanen, Chairman of Finnish Global Education Solutions (FGES) spoke at the 5th Anniversary Event of Iqra University School System in Karachi.

FGES and Iqra University have been working with Teachers Training since summer 2021 and that is continuing towards a full set of Finnish way trained teachers at IUSS. The 5th Anniversary Celebrations were also a celebration for some graduated teachers.

Ms. Sidra Qamar from IUSS and Ms. Helena Makinen from FGES distributed the diplomas to “Teach like a Finn” trained teachers during the ceremony.