The first Honorary Consul of Pakistan to Finland, Mr. Karl Ragnar Öller, was nominated on 4th of May in 1950 so the year of 2020 is celebrating 70 years of Honorary Consulate of Pakistan in Finland.

Mr. Karl Ragnar Öller, first Honorary Consul of Pakistan in Finland, nominated on May 4, 1950

Over those 70 years there has been total five Honorary Consuls, which the last two ones have been upgraded as Honorary Consul General, first Mr. Heikki Timonen, with the upgraded status since 1990 and until 2014. The current HCG, Mr. Wille Eerola, was appointed by the President of Pakistan on 11th of February 2016.

“This is definitely a great start for a new decade and we shall be producing various events, delegations, visits and tours between the two countries in 2020”, says Mr. Wille Eerola about the plans of Honorary Consulate General. “My passion is always to bridge these two countries, people and companies and we are already scheduling plenty of bilateral delegations on education, healthcare, energy, technology and so on. And that’s definitely not all as we are also planning to have activities on culture, art, media and so much more – welcome to join!”

Honorary Consuls of Pakistan in Finland:

2016 –
Mr. Wille Eerola, Honorary Consul General

1982 – 2014
Mr. Heikki Timonen, Honorary Consul General 1990-2014, Honorary Consul 1982-1989

1969 – 1979
Mr. Aarne Roiha, Honorary Consul

1962 – 1967
Mr. Cyril Henrik William Reincke, Honorary Consul

1950 – 1960
Mr. Karl Ragnar Öller, first Honorary Consul, Exequatur dated on May 4, 1950