HundrED, is a global non-profit organization based out of Helsinki, Finland that discovers and shares inspiring innovations in K12 education. HundrED’s goal is to help improve education and inspire a grassroots movement by encouraging pedagogically sound, ambitious free innovations to spread across the world.

HundrED Summit in Helsinki.

The HundrED 2020 collection of 100 innovations was announced on 6th November 2019 in Helsinki, Finland and we are delighted to share the news about the Pakistani innovation that was selected into the HundrED 100 of 2020:

“Broad Class – Listen to Learn”, a wonderful and awarded innovation by Ms. Fakhira Najib and her team at Power99 Foundation based in Islamabad, Pakistan makes education accessible through still one of the most efficient media channels in the world – radio! Effective distribution giving access to education also to children living in rural areas with less technological solutions or access to education otherwise. Click here for details.

Power99 Foundation, team behind the HundrED awarded “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” innovation.

The distance education system combines radio broadcasts with active learning and interactive teaching practices. IRI builds on local resources and knowledge, using radio partners with schools in regions which have shortages of qualified teachers, school infrastructure, and learning materials. In addition to simply reach through radion, also teachers’ professional development is an important component of the program. Teachers are trained and oriented on sound pedagogy, interactive teaching techniques, lesson planning and class management. 

The annual HundrED Summit 2019 (you can watch there their online video flow, too) continues in Helsinki until 8 November and through this wonderful achievement of Power99 Foundation, we would encourage all Pakistani institutions, schools, educationists, teachers and technology providers to step into the world of HundrED researching innovations in K12 education from around the world and select 100 Inspiring Innovations every year – all documented, packaged and shared with the world for free, so you can improve education where you or your students are.

Please click for about HudrED here and you can download the HundrED Yearbook 2020 here.