As part of visit highlighting the third anniversary of the appointment of Mr. Wille Eerola, Honorary Consul General of Pakistan to Finland, a Finnish delegation visited Pakistan last week. The visits covered the follow ups on the vocational and skill training programs as well as meetings with the key decisions makers in Pakistan.

Shifa International Hospital puts great emphasis on capacity building, development of healthcare professionals and paramedical staff. The same vision is shared by the Management Team of Shifa Int. Hospital while hosting a prestigious delegation from Finland on 31st January 2019. The purpose of the visit was to discuss and explore prospects of bilateral cooperation to develop an alliance in the field of medical technology and nursing education. 

The delegation was led by Mr. Wille Eerola, Honorary Consul General of Pakistan, Finland, accompanied by Ms. Erja Tuomaala, Journalist, The Finnish Broadcasting Company, and local media affiliates.

Ms. Erja Tuomaala, journalist from Finnish state broadcaster YLE interviewed plenty of Pakistani students in Islamabad during her visit.