Shehzad Roy, one of the most famous Pakistani musicians, is also a big supporter of education in Pakistan. He shared his experience and vision in a article published in Dawn, please click here to full story, starting with these words:

Imran Akhoond has been playing guitar with me for years and now performs for all the top musical shows on television. 

He belongs to a Gujrati family and, as a kid, he spoke and interacted in his mother tongue. 

At school, his teacher asked him to speak in Urdu and, as expected, it was a struggle for him. 

As he grew up, Imran applied for jobs but the applications had to be written in English, which was another struggle. His late father would ask him to pray to God in Arabic to ensure that he secured the job. 

No doubt, it’s good to learn different languages but not so good when your fate depends on them.

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