Mr. Wille Eerola, Honorary Consulate General of Pakistan, joined the Consular Corps in Finland for a two days visit to city of Vaasa, located in the west coast of Finland.

Hon. Consul General of Pakistan, Mr. Wille eerola (right) with Hon. Consul General of Bangladesh, Mr. Harry Blässar and Hon. Consul of Estonia in Vaasa, Mr. Pekka Haapanen.

Energy and especially sustainable energy production is currently one of the most important issues around the world and as we know, in a most critical way also in Pakistan.  In addition to an extensive history over the centuries, the Vaasa region is nowadays the hearth and hub of energy production development and research in the whole Nordic region.  Just recently, Wärtsilä Corporation – also very well-known and active Finnish corporation in Pakistan, launched their plans to build a new advanced “Smart Technology Hub” unit to Vaasa. Vaasa is also one of the major cities in education and academic research in Finland.

HCG Wille Eerola also lead the Consular Corps press conference in Vaasa.

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