By Hon. Consul General Mr. Wille Eerola:
The world has sure changed since our times of childhood, also in Finland. I am well-known to be super optimistic and never-give-up kind of person but certainly news like this one are out of that range. It will make you think how anything like this can actually happen in Finland, easily making you to be something else than optimistic.
I have met the victim of this absolutely unacceptable, sad and totally insane incident today, met his wife and his friends at the ICU of Meilahti hospital, Helsinki, Finland. He is alive and certainly in good hands, thanks of the great healthcare system that Finland is able to provide to people who were born here and the ones who moved here from other countries to study, work and live their normal family life, exactly like it is in this case.
Now it’s time to wait that the Finnish police forces do their job, another thing we can trust to happen in Finland, and the people who did this will be punished in a legal way, exactly in a way that the Finnish society works. In the meantime, we should just pray for his recovery and trust on the expertise and knowledge of the Finnish healthcare professionals. He will be back soon with his wife and two children, able to continue their peaceful family life in peaceful Finland. Planning and building their own future in the same way that everyone in Finland can and should do.
It’s time to be optimistic again. Finland is a safe country and that is how it should remain for everyone and for decades and centuries to come.