During the last few days Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Finland, Mr. Wille Eerola enjoyed an unique opportunity to host some very interesting and also famous guests from Pakistan.

Mr. Shehzad Roy, a famous Pakistani singer, musician, social worker and humanitarian and his wife Mrs. Salma Alam, an educational expert and teacher visited many of the leading universities and education professionals in Finland to research, experience and discuss about the Finnish education system and especially about the education of teachers in Finland. Something making the Finnish education system so appreciated and recognised around the world and hopefully supporting the future of children and youth of Pakistan soon, too.

Hon. Consul General wants to thank all institutions and their leaders and staff for their time and efforts supporting the great work this couple and their team are doing for better schools and education in Pakistan. Finns and Finland do have plenty to give to support hem.

Thank you University of Helsinki, University of Oulu, KOULU Group, Ministry of Culture and Education, Finland University, National Agency of Education and many more for your time and support.

And big thanks to Embassy of Pakistan to Sweden and Finland and Ambassador H.E. Mr. Tariq Zameer for linking us together and Pakistan Embassy, Oslo, Norway and Ambassador H.E. Mrs. Riffat Masood to bring this great couple to the Nordic region.

From left: Mr. Shehzad Roy, Professor Dr. Jari Lavonen, Mrs. Salma Alam visiting the Faculty of Education of University of Helsinki.


From left: Mr. Antti Kaskinen, CEO of Koulu Group, Mr. Shehzad Roy, Mrs. Salma Alam.


From left: Mr. Shehzad Roy, Mr. Jouni Kangasniemi from Ministry of Education of Finland, Mrs. Salma Alam at the Havis Amanda in Helsinki.


From left: Mr. Pasi Kaskinen from Finland University, Mrs. Salma Alam, Mr. Shehzad Roy, Mr. Pekka T. Saavalainen, CEO of Finland University.


From left: Mr. Shehzad Roy, Mrs. Salma Alam with Ms. Hanne Laasonen from Finnish National Agency of Education.